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Best Occasions & Types of Flowers to Send Them

Best Occasions & Types of Flowers to Send Them

Flowers are perfect gifts for any occasion. They speak words that we could never utter on our own. They always know the right things to say and lift spirits as they evoke happiness. The beauty of flowers is the array of species to choose from.

You’re free to choose any type of flowers you want to send for any occasion, to anyone on your list of important people. However, it’s more common to give certain flowers for certain occasions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options for giving a flower arrangement granville ny.

Calla Lily

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Beauty is the best way to describe this regal flower. It comes in many colors, each with its own special meaning. White calla lilies, for example, represent purity and innocence, they’re commonly used during weddings. Pink calla lilies represent admiration, acceptance, and elegance. Purple is the color of royalty.


Carnations are called the ‘flowers of the gods,’ although Dianthus is the scientific name.  The carnation comes in assorted colors, including white, pink, and yellow and like most other flowers, each color has its own meaning.


The daisy is another flower that people give to loved ones. It’s a great get well flower but suits many other occasions as well, such as a housewarming. The daisy represents innocence, love, and purity.


Expressing refined beauty, the lily symbolizes modesty. It’s a popular bridal bouquet of flowers but also suits other romantic occasions. The orange lily is the symbol of passion while the yellow lily represents gaiety.


More than 120 rose variations exist. The timeless flower is one that many people love. It is popularly given on Valentine’s Day, but is also suitable for any occasion when you need to send a message of love.