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Mozzie Control At Your Service

Mozzie Control At Your Service

Mozzies; they never seem to let you go; not even just this once this summer. But to think; the irony of it all. Back in the day, as in way, way back, when Philadelphia was still the nation’s capital, you had the yellow plague or fever. Not the yellow pages, for that you had Paul Revere, apparently, the yellow plague. Heck, it was so bad not even the great Washington and his rag-tag army could put a stop to it. What they could have done with a bit of mosquito control services marlboro work back then.

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As in back in the day. And so it goes; the irony of it all, y’all stuck in another plague. This time though it is said that you can’t blame the mosquitoes for it. It is said that this time; a mangy old bat’s to blame. All the way from China would you believe. Even the president says so, calling it the Chinese virus an all. Read the papers, it’s not fake news, he’d be purty glad you did, tells it like it is an all. Anyhow, mozzies don’t give a bug for plagues and viruses. Throughout history, it’s been proven over and over again.

They’re one of the most formidable die-hard critters of all. And they can be pretty dangerous too. Just ask George Washington. And they just luurve hot summer nights, summer holidays or no summer holidays, national holidays or no national holidays. Speaking of which, these guys don’t hang about either. Just give them a holler and they’ll be right over. Get rid of your bugging problem in the nick of time, is all. And they’re real pros too. Just read the reviews. Just ask the mozzies. Oh, but wait, they’re not there no more.