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What Type of Caster Wheels Do You Need?

What Type of Caster Wheels Do You Need?

Caster wheels are nothing new, but many people may not realize there are several different types of caster wheels out there. Each type of caster is made for a specific use case, but they all help achieve the same thing.

Caster wheels, in general, are perfect for making heavier objects easy to move without worrying about throwing your back out or becoming a safety issue. Whether it’s an office chair, a large tool chest, a bed, or something else entirely, caster wheels can really come in handy for making sure you can move any heavy object easily and, most importantly, safely.

The Different Types of Caster Wheels

When you first begin learning about the different types of caster wheels, you may be surprised to learn just how many types there actually are.

Some of the most popular types of caster wheels are:

rigid caster wheel

·    Rollerblade casters: Rollerblade casters are caster wheels commonly found on office chairs. They can move in any direction, relatively quietly and without scuffing up your floors. They are perfect for chairs in any office setting and enable your chair to glide across the floor with ease.

·    Fixed casters: Fixed casters, sometimes referred to as rigid casters, are caster wheels that move in a fixed, straight line. They cannot be steered in other directions. A rigid caster wheel would be perfect for something that just needs to be moved back and forth in a straight line.

·    Swivel casters: Swivel casters are caster wheels that can turn easily, making them great for objects and areas that require simple and easy maneuverability. They can turn a full 360 degrees, on a dime, turning easily with little effort, even under the heaviest of loads.

These are just a few examples of the different types of caster wheels out there, so no matter which type you need, you can find something to fit in your workspace or office to make moving your heavier objects easy as cake.