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Why And How Photography Becoming AI

Why And How Photography Becoming AI

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In case you did not know this by now, AI is the iconic abbreviation or acronym of artificial intelligence, a form of robotic thinking and production processes, helping its users enhance their abilities to produce better products and services more efficiently and with quicker timeframes in mind. AI is not entirely a new concept. The automotive, aerospace and health services industries have been taking advantage of it for years.

In recent years, the broad-based communications industry has begun to grasp the phenomena attached to AI and slowly but surely introduced it to its works, as well as to its customer base which probably numbers into the billions by now. Photography forms part of that industry. It has, for some time now, being taking advantage of digital technologies. One specialist photographic trade or genre is now using AI in its work.

The principles and practices of aerial photography continues to serve numerous industries, far too numerous to mention in this short space and time. But of course, it would always be useful to name at least a few good examples of which would include the movie industry, agriculture and meteorological services. In order to capture the most spectacular cinematography and stunts possible, aeronautical acts of acrobatic proportions had to be produced.

But over the years, such stunts have proved to be extremely expensive, to say nothing of the inherent dangers involved. And so it goes that AI has come to the rescue, saving lives and money by the millions. Photographic equipment, digital or otherwise, is now attached to a small drone which has the capability to fly at least 2,000 feet upwards into the atmosphere. And while the robot does the flying work, the photographer is safely at his desktop in his studio, down there at ground level.